QRP-J36 Telegraph Key
QRP-J36 Telegraph Key

The QRP-J36 fine quality telegraph key

The QRP J-36 Telegraph Key traces it's history to the famous signal corps J-36 of World War II, often called a "BUG."  This device, well known to radio operators throughout our amateur community, is now being produced in a miniature, or 'qrp,' version.


The QRP J-36 has all of the adjustable features of its larger ancestors. Constructed of over 100 component parts, all tension limit and contact elements are present. Bright nickel-plated brass furnituire, solid silver contacts, an operating "shorting switch" and many other features make this key truly unique.

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The 1/2 scale size, although small in stature, is fully functional. The heft, or feel, of this little gem provides the operator with confidence when operating. Each key is hand crafted here in the United States by me. The keys are individually serialized to provide authenticity. This is a very limited production of a collector quality key.


It should be noted that this is a delicate instrument, and as such, must be handled with a degree of care. The overall size is 4 1/4" long, 1 3/4" wide 1 7/8" high and weighs a substantial 1/2 pound!  The base is a black "wrinkle" finish that is complimented with a solid brass data plate that is serial numbered. 


Safe shipping is assured by enclosing the key in a custom-fitted foam lined metal case. A quality key that is a pleasure to own and operate at $135.00. Price includes shipping anywhere in the U.S.A.  Check or postal money orders please.

With thanks to Rick, WB3BIQ for the demo!

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